Full Committee of the Cambridge Union (Easter 2022)

The Cambridge Union is an organisation that was founded by and is run by students. Each term is planned and carried out by a mixture of officers and appointees, with support from the organisation's non-student staff and trustees. The governance of the Cambridge Union is mandated by its Constitution. The Society remains one of the oldest debating societies in the world and has stuck by its founding mission, to defend and preserve free speech, for over 200 years. 

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Standing Committee - Officers

The Standing Committee (or 'Voting Members') is the Union's primary managerial body of 13 members, which consists of the current President, the Vice President, and Officers, the President-Elect, Officers-Elect, and the Competitive Debating Officers. All Officers of the Union are elected by its membership on a termly basis, with the exception of the Vice President, Treasurer, and two Competitive Debating Officers, who are appointed to serve on an annual basis. 

President - Leti Ryder, Sidney Sussex

Contact - president@cus.org

The President is head of the society,  serving as the Chair of the Standing Committee and debates. They are responsible for organising a programme of debates and overseeing the planning of other events during their term of office.


Vice President - David Eagleson, Trinity

Contact - vicepresident@cus.org

The Vice-President is responsible for the long-term direction of the Society. The Vice President facilitates staff-student cooperation including assisting the handover between termly Officers and inviting high-profile speakers in the long term. They also work extensively with the Bursar.


Debates Officer - Christopher George, Wolfson

Contact - executive@cus.org

The Executive Officer is in charge of the programme of debates for each term and can be designated roles or assigned specific responsibilities according to the needs of each particular term.


Speakers - Oliver Udy, Robinson

Contact - speakers@cus.org

The Speakers Officer is responsible for planning and then administering a programme of individual speakers across their term of office, and working with a team of appointed officers to facilitate the smooth running of these events. 


Treasurer - Calvin Hartley, Trinity Hall  

Contact - treasurer@cus.org

The Treasurer is responsible for raising sponsorship funds for his term in office, obtaining local business discounts for members known as 'Treasurer's Treats', and directing the  Society's merchandising operations.


Social Events - Georgina Holmes, Selwyn

Contact - ents@cus.org

The Social Events Officer is responsible for organising a programme of social events for the term including parties, food and drink tastings, weekly quizzes, and music events.


Equalities Officer - James Appiah, Pembroke

Contact - equalities@cus.org

The Equalities Officer is responsible for chairing the Equalities Subcommittee, which includes the Womens' & Non-binary, LGBTQ+, BME, and Access Officers, and for representing and voicing the concerns and interests of minority groups at a Standing Committee level.




Competitive Debating Officers  - Dioni Ellinikaki, Sidney Sussex and Siddharth Pai, King's

The Competitive Debating Officers are appointed by Standing Committee at the end of the Lent Term. They are in charge of competitive debating, coordinating the entry and selection of teams to debating competitions, as well as training members. They have significant experience in university competitive debating.


Standing Committee - Officers-Elect to serve in Michaelmas 2022

In order to give our officers enough time to plan their term, all of the termly officerships are elected a term in advance and serve for a term as Officers-Elect. This enables them to become familiar with their role, work with their immediate predecessor and to plan effectively for their own time in office. The President-Elect, flanked by two Officers-Elect, presides over the emergency debates that precede main debates. Officers-Elect are also entitled to vote on Union business. 

President-Elect - Lara Brown, Downing

Contact - president-elect@cus.org

The President-Elect is responsible for managing their team of elected officers and designates (women's, equalities and access officers) and planning the general outline of their upcoming term in office.


Debates-Elect - Sam Carling, Christ's

Contact - exec-elect@cus.org

The Debates Officer-Elect is responsible for creating a program of forums and debates across their term in office.


Speakers-Elect - Ellenoor Shameli, Homerton

Contact - speakers-elect@cus.org

The Speakers Officer-Elect is responsible for crafting a program of single speaker events during their term in office, supported by Speakers Deputies. These deputies are not members of Standing Committee, and appointments are made on an ad-hoc basis based on performance in Speakers Committee.


Ents-Elect - Edward Hilditch, Corpus Christi

Contact - ents-elect@cus.org

 The Social Events Officer-Elect is responsible for planning a range of social events for the term in office.


Equalities Officer-Elect - Ellie Breeze, Peterhouse

Contact - equalities-elect@cus.org

The Equalities Officer-Elect is responsible for chairing the Equalities subcommittee which includes the Women's & Non-Binary, LGBTQ+, Access, and BME Officers, and for representing and voicing the concerns and interests of minority groups at a Standing Committee level.

The Returning Officers

Two Returning Officers are appointed for every election by a vote of the Standing Committee. They are appointed in the third week of each term. The Returning Officers are responsible for the administration of the election and for enforcing the electoral rules as set out in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 and must be a member of the Standing Committee.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the electoral procedure to

Contact - ro@cus.org


Access Officer - Iona Tompkins
BME Officers - Khalid Guma'a & Saqif Chowdhury
Women's & Non-Binary Officer - Phoebe Hall & Eleanor Stiles
LGBTQ+ Officer - Rudy Ellis-Jones
Disabilities Officer - Owen Cooper

These officers work closely with the Equalities Officer in order to lead conversations about diversity at the Union. They will work to ensure that the Union is a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds.

Membership and Administration

Secretary - Charlie Palmer

Contact - secretary@cus.org

The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes of all emergency debates, Standing Committee, Full Committee, Open, and General Meetings. They also write the weekly emails, produce the order papers, report to and assist the Vice President, and respond to member's queries alongside the Standing Committee and the Membership Officers.

Librarian - Sam Hunt
Webmaster - Horea Silaghi
Welfare Officers - Alex Horan & Connor Phillips

Events Management and Audio-Visual 

Head of Events Management - Alix Danis

Deputy Heads of Events Management - Philip Al-Taiee & Sasha Grantham

Events Management Officers - Laura Lock, Georgina Holmes, Oliver Mosheim, Salvador Widdicome, Elliot Green, Ruby Power, Shibhangi Ghose, Sam Stern

The Events Management team are responsible for the logistics of all of our events. From managing Stewards to fire safety and ensuring that the building is secure when events are in progress.

Head of Audio-Visual - Ewan Woods

Audio-Visual Officers   - James Shillington, Mark Wadey, Harrisson Moore

Contact - audiovisual@cus.org

The Audio-Visual team is in charge of all the Union's technical systems, including creating and over-seeing longer term upgrade programs in conjunction with the Bursar and Trustees. This includes on-the-night operations management, including radio mic operation, live streaming, recording, over-flow room feeds, and the Union's YouTube account and more generally maintaining the Union's AV systems. The Audio-Visual team is also responsible for facilitating and coordinating live speakers, and questions from external members, and managing the team of regular AV stewards who assist at Union events.

Guest Liaison 

The Guest Liaison team is responsible for ensuring that our guests feel welcome. They liaise with the Officers to ensure that the needs of each guest are aptly accommodated, including organising taxis, or collecting Guests at the Train Station. 

Guest Liason Head  - Jasper Federman

Guest Liaison Officers - Georgia Fearn, Nick Davis, Roshan Panesar, Broderick House, Lily McGrail, Veronica-Nicolle Hera, Emilia Isaacs, Sarah Levy, Grace Lozinksi, Khalid Guma'a

Press Office

Our Press Department is responsible for negotiating and liaising with both Student and National Press. They ensure the security of long-term contacts, and that the Union's events and goings-on receive maximum coverage so that members old and new can keep up to date. 

Head of Press  - Max Ghose

Press Officers - Jonathan Heywood, Holly Sheridan

Contact - press@cus.org


Our Publicity department is made up of two halves overseen by the Head of Publicity. Whilst offline publicity is responsible for maintaining the Union's presence on the ground, online publicity maintains the Union's social media profiles and online publicity strategies. 

Head of in-person Publicity   - Izzy Porter

Head of Online Publicity  - Johan Nerlov

Publicity Officers  - Ilya Carey, Juan Diego Albin, Leo Wang, Hannah Huang

Contact - publicity@cus.org

Graphic Design

Our graphic design officers are responsible for working with photographers outside of the Union's Committee, as well as uploading to Facebook, editing, and maintaining the visual and creative directions of the Union.

Graphic Design officers - Isabella Cederstrøm Palliotto, Liliana Kimball Walker


Heads of Photography  - Tobia Nava, Nordin Ćatić

Contact - photographer@cus.org


Governance Committees

The Board of Trustees of The Cambridge Union Society

  • The Rt. Hon. The Lord Smith of Finsbury PC (Chair)
  • Sir Christopher Greenwood GBE CMG QC
  • Nick Heath FRICS
  • The Hon. Daniel Janner QC
  • David Branch 
  • Araba Taylor
  • Rachel Green
  • David Robinson
  • The President of the Cambridge Union
  • The Vice President of the Cambridge Union
  • The Debating Officer

The Directors of Cambridge Union Society Enterprises Ltd.

  • Bursar
  • The President of the Cambridge Union
  • The Vice President of the Cambridge Union
  • Rachel Green
  • David Robinson


  • Col. (Retd.) William Bailey MBE - Bursar 
  • Joe Burman - General Manager 
  • Ben Pope - Head Chef
  • Sam Heap - Interim Brasserie Manager
  • Thanos Bikakis - Senior AV Technician
  • Justyna Macoch - Membership Secretary
  • Katherine Connolly - Events Coordinator
  • Hannah Goodger - Events Administrator
  • Sabine Edwards - Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Madiha Khan - Financial Manager
  • Shabana Ali - Assistant Accountant
  • Phil Caldecoat - Site manager