Election Results


The Union is democratically run among its members, according to its constitution; the President and the Standing Committee represent the members in working out the best way to run the Union to both fulfill its charitable objectives and provide benefits for members.

Full Election Results

Results of the Lent 2021 election for Michalemas 2021

Keir Bradwell: 517 votes
Cary Godsal: 305 votes
RON: 17 votes
Keir Bradwell is elected President

Speakers Officer:
Sam Rubinstein: 358 votes
Caitlin Farrell: 233 votes
RON: 25 votes
Sam Rubinstein is elected Speakers Officer

Debates Officer:
Kyoka Hadano: 414 votes
RON: 49 votes
Kyoka Hadano is elected Debates Officer

Social Events Officer:
Leti Ryder: 346 votes
RON: 48 votes
Leti Ryder is elected Social Events Officer

Equalities Officer:
Zara Salaria: 323 votes
RON: 58 votes
Zara Salaria is elected Equalities Officer

Results of the Michaelmas 2020 election for Easter 2021

Joel Rosen: 96 Votes
Return Open Nominations (RON): 18 votes
Joel Rosen is elected President for Easter 2021.

Debates Officer:
Lara Brown: 91 votes
Return Open Nominations (RON): 25 votes
Lara Brown is elected Debates Officer for Easter 2021.

Speakers Officer:
Tara Bhagat: 82 votes
Return Open Nominations (RON): 23 votes
Tara Bhagat is elected Speakers Officer for Easter 2021.

This section is updated by the Returning Officers at the end of each electoral cycle. For any missing records, email vicepresident@cus.org.

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