cambridge union society
cambridge union society

From its small beginnings as a debating society, the Cambridge Union now has over 70,000 life members worldwide. Now the oldest debating society in the world, and the largest student society in Cambridge, the Union remains a unique forum for the free exchange of ideas and the art of public debate.

In the past the Society has hosted such great figures as Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and the current Dalai Lama, and it continues to provide Cambridge students with the opportunity to meet and question the people that shape our world, and has grown into the central forum for student discussion in Cambridge.

Defending Free Debate since 1815

Become A Member

become a member

CUS Membership has many benefits...

  • Become a member of Cambridge's largest student society to see world class speakers and debates, as well as many other benefits for just £150 for life membership.

  • Membership is open to all current and former students and staff of the University of Cambridge, the Judge Business School, BPP Law School (Cambridge) and Anglia Ruskin University​. Any student around the world can become an online member for just £30 a year.

  • As well as world class debates, we offer debating skills workshops, dinners and social events, numerous discounts, etc. Learn more about the benefits of joining Cambridge’s largest student society - today!

Live Streaming & Social Media

View & Join in Live Debates

  • All Union events are now streamed live and in HD to members, who can contribute with questions and comments to be read out on the floor of the Chamber via our Twitter account.

  • Members can access this streaming service by logging in to CUS Live. This service is available for all CUS Lifetime members, and any student around the world for an annual fee of £30. To sign up now for membership click here.

  • At the end of every term footage from all our events is uploaded to YouTube.